Summer 2017 Week #1

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Our first week of the summer session is flying by, and this week has been a blast so far! Our amazing host family has planned a variety of fun activities including bingo, and cookie making! Throughout the week we’ve found some new and creative ways to keep cool in the hot weather: water Olympics, jump-rope, water-kickball, and duck duck SPLASH!




The kids have been keeping busy making beautiful artwork, expanding their vocabulary with their new favorite, Madlibs, singing and dancing their way through chapel, and of course preparing for the weekly talent show. The animals have been getting their fair share of attention, especially during Meet The Animals on Tuesday!

IMG_1636 (1)

Rain or shine, there is still more fun to be had at Waupoos this week. With campfires and wagon rides, there is never a shortage of smiles and excitement! We hope to see you for our Open House, this Saturday at 1:00 pm!



Spring Clean-Up! 2017 at Waupoos

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Join us Saturday, May 6th from 9am – 3pm.

Come lend a helping hand as we tidy up from winter and prepare for our spring and summer programming.  Many, many tasks to complete, inside and outside and we can’t do it without your help!! We need to remove the winter tools and wrappings, bring out our summer equipment and re-awaken the pool and gardens.

Then we’ll enjoy some fellowship in the lodge and a warm meal!

RSVP here.

Fall Clean-Up 2016

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Waupoos Farm would like to extend a very warm-hearted thank you to all those who worked with us on the cold rainy fall clean up day. We were able to get a roof mended, leaves raked, a trench dug, laundry organized, hockey nets fixed, hockey sticks taped, and enjoyed a great and much welcomed hot chilli made by Rebecca Biffert.

A huge “Thank YOU’ to all the volunteers that joined us that cold dreary day. You were the sunlight that day!

Click here to see some fall photos at the farm.

Thanksgiving 2016

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This past Thanksgiving weekend was a great success! We had full cottages, many eager children, new faces, and the biggest Thanksgiving potluck in the known history of Waupoos! There was a ton of great food and a ton of folk to eat it! By the end, there were only a few crumbs let for the pigs.
Thank you all for the great weekend!

New Roof!

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Our lodge roof has been fitted with new shingles thanks to Bill Geerts of Geerts Roofing. The job was excellently and expediently done with all waste cleaned up. We are so glad to have our roof back in top shape! Thanks Bill!

Here are some of the Biffert kids showing off the new shingles:





Summer 2016 Week Eight

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The last week of summer is quickly coming to an end. Where has summer gone? It feels like just yesterday we were busy on our first week getting the cottages ready for cottagers. We’ve had so much fun this summer and have made some amazing memories. We want to thank all the cottagers and everyone along the way who’s made our summer so awesome.

This week has been a terrific week to end on. Our host mom and daughter have planned so many interesting activities and there’s been no shortage of fun. On Tuesday, we met the animals and went on a hike. We were lucky and didn’t run into too many mosquitoes and we even saw a baby frog. Yesterday, the host family ran singing lessons which was super fun. We hope to see cottagers putting the lessons to use and performing in the talent show tonight. This week Ray’s Reptiles was a blast. We saw so many cool animals and the kids loved it.

Sophia holding the iguana.

Sophia holding the iguana.


This Saturday is the last open house of the summer and you won’t want to miss it. The open house starts at 1pm and ends with a potluck at 6. Be sure to bring yourself, bathing suits, something for potluck and get ready to have some fun. We hope to see you there!


Summer 2016 Week Seven

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Week seven has arrived and we can’t believe there’s only one more week of summer! Where has summer gone? We truly believe we’ve made the most out of our summer here at Waupoos!

The host family this week has led some really creative chapel activities – the kids have definitely enjoyed them as well as ourselves. There has been no shortages of post chapel snacks; we’ve been enjoying muffins, fresh fruit and cheese & crackers. On Tuesday it rained all day, so we made the most out of the day and played games & crafts in the lodge followed by improve games led by the host family. On Wednesday, we were so thankful for the sunshine. The pool was a big hit as well as the Water Olympics. We can’t wait for the rest of the fun activities the host family has planned.

Yet again the bunnies made a great escape only to come back to us. Hoggle enjoyed the rain as it was a nice way for her to cool off. Victor has been swimming in the pond and playing with the fast growing chicks. The new sheep Spot has adjusted well to Waupoos and is so friendly – he loves meeting new people. Tomorrow is Ray’s Reptiles and they’re bringing special animals that are near extinct in Canada – we can’t wait to see the show.

This Saturday is the second last open house of the summer. You don’t want to miss it! Open house starts at 1pm and we offer swimming, a wagon ride, mass and a potluck. See you there!

– S& S

Summer 2016 Week Six

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Week six is scorching hot! Cottagers have definitely been living in the pool since they arrived. This week our host is creating a surprise for talent show – she’s making a mystery play with the cottagers. Tuesday was mystery play planning along with meet the animals and of course swimming.

Practicing the mystery play!

Practicing the mystery play!

Our lifeguard Tara started Aquafit on Tuesday – it was a fun way to cool off while getting a work out in.


Lifeguard Tara leading Aquafit.

On Wednesday, we celebrated a birthday by decorating cupcakes. The host planned bread making, which was a lot of fun and super yummy. Today we played on the slip’n’slide in attempts to beat the heat! We are super excited for pony rides later today as well as more planning of the mystery play.

This has been a busy week for the farm animals. The bunnies got a new cage because they kept escaping. We also got a new sheep named Spot. He is super cute and friendly. Hoggle and Victor have been beating the hit in their kiddy pool.


This week has by far been a quieter week at Waupoos- it has been relaxing. Tomorrow we are making meatballs for potluck. Open house is this Saturday starting at 1pm. We hope to see you there!


Summer 2016 Week Five

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Summer sessions are officially half over – time really does fly when you’re having fun. Our host family this week has planned many great activities. On Tuesday, the host family took all the cottagers on a hike to see  the Fairy village and on Wednesday, we made books out of the findings from the hike. The host family even gave out little art kits to the cottagers! After Chapel this morning, the host family made us all a big pancake breakfast. There was no shortage of pancakes, fresh fruit and syrup that’s for sure! The cottagers enjoyed decorating their pancakes and making smiley faces on them.


Story time this week was jungle themed and our favourite word this week was “smuth”- a group of jellyfish.  We are super excited for the rest of the activities this week- we are painting a mural for talent show, playing ‘predator and prey’ and building fruit kabobs.

The sheep haven’t been the only ones to escape this summer – the bunnies decided to dig a hole and spend a night in the forest. Luckily all of the bunnies have returned and seemed to have learned their lesson. The baby chicks are growing so fast and will soon be out on their own with their mommas.

We are super excited for open house this week, we even made a rainbow jelly cake. Open house starts at 1pm and includes swimming, wagon rides, mass and potluck. We hope to see you there!


Summer 2016 Week Four

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Week four is quickly coming to the end and this means the summer sessions are half over. We can’t believe how fast the summer is flying by and we are having so much fun! Our host family came with their three daughters as well as no shortages of fun activities. The theme this week was Christmas in July and the host family planned advent themed Chapel for us. The lodge is decorated in Christmas lights and decorations. Between creative crafts and outdoor games, they host family has kept us all very busy. They introduced us to a new way to showcase the beautiful artwork that is made each week – we hung up all the art on a piece of wood in the lodge.


New Art Display

The host family ran splash kickball and blind volleyball. Both of these games were excellent ways for us to cool down this week. Today we made paper mache on balloons.


Paper Mache on Balloons

Our host dad and two cottagers built a mud shed. We are super thankful for their hard work and dedication while making it and we can’t wait to break it in with the cottagers.

mud shed

Building the mud shed

Since it is Christmas in July – we felt it was only right to cook a Turkey for potluck [as well as cookies- for Santa of course 😉 ]. We hope to see you at potluck with your favourite holiday dish. Potluck is every Saturday starting at 1pm and include swimming, tractor ride and potluck. We hope to see you there.