Week Five

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Summer sessions are officially half over – time really does fly when you’re having fun. Our host family this week has planned many great activities. On Tuesday, the host family took all the cottagers on a hike to see  the Fairy village and on Wednesday, we made books out of the findings from the hike. The host family even gave out little art kits to the cottagers! After Chapel this morning, the host family made us all a big pancake breakfast. There was no shortage of pancakes, fresh fruit and syrup that’s for sure! The cottagers enjoyed decorating their pancakes and making smiley faces on them.


Story time this week was jungle themed and our favourite word this week was “smuth”- a group of jellyfish.  We are super excited for the rest of the activities this week- we are painting a mural for talent show, playing ‘predator and prey’ and building fruit kabobs.

The sheep haven’t been the only ones to escape this summer – the bunnies decided to dig a hole and spend a night in the forest. Luckily all of the bunnies have returned and seemed to have learned their lesson. The baby chicks are growing so fast and will soon be out on their own with their mommas.

We are super excited for open house this week, we even made a rainbow jelly cake. Open house starts at 1pm and includes swimming, wagon rides, mass and potluck. We hope to see you there!


Week Four

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Week four is quickly coming to the end and this means the summer sessions are half over. We can’t believe how fast the summer is flying by and we are having so much fun! Our host family came with their three daughters as well as no shortages of fun activities. The theme this week was Christmas in July and the host family planned advent themed Chapel for us. The lodge is decorated in Christmas lights and decorations. Between creative crafts and outdoor games, they host family has kept us all very busy. They introduced us to a new way to showcase the beautiful artwork that is made each week – we hung up all the art on a piece of wood in the lodge.


New Art Display

The host family ran splash kickball and blind volleyball. Both of these games were excellent ways for us to cool down this week. Today we made paper mache on balloons.


Paper Mache on Balloons

Our host dad and two cottagers built a mud shed. We are super thankful for their hard work and dedication while making it and we can’t wait to break it in with the cottagers.

mud shed

Building the mud shed

Since it is Christmas in July – we felt it was only right to cook a Turkey for potluck [as well as cookies- for Santa of course 😉 ]. We hope to see you at potluck with your favourite holiday dish. Potluck is every Saturday starting at 1pm and include swimming, tractor ride and potluck. We hope to see you there.


Week Three

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Week three has almost come to an end. It was a busy week full of beautiful weather.  The host created an “Olympic” themed week for us. Sticking to the Olympic themed, our favourite word of the day this week was ‘underdog’ – a competitor thought to have little chance of winning. Each family decorated a flag and we made the Olympic ring out of our hand cut outs and our Chapel activities were even Olympic themed. Our host’s creativity didn’t stop there – she made fun Chapel snacks; like butterflies made out of grapes and palm trees out of bananas and kiwis.


Grape Butterflies

Grape Butterflies

With all new families this week, “Meet the Animals” was definitely a favourite activity. All of the animals were super excited to meet the new cottagers and the cottagers loved petting and holding the bunnies. We are super excited for pony rides this afternoon with the beautiful ‘Mary legs’.


The cottagers meeting Eggy the bunny

Waupoos sure is lucky, we have lots of volunteers this summer. One volunteer has restored all of the broken bikes and others do an amazing job on the yard work. Another group of volunteers made a delicious bean salad for the open house pot luck on Saturday. Don’t forget open house is every Saturday starting at 1 pm – we hope to see you there!

See you next week!


Week Two

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Week two has almost come to an end. Despite the up and down weather conditions this week, we’ve had a blast. If it wasn’t raining, it was very humid out. We made the most out of heat and created our own slip and slide with the host family as well as had a water balloon fight. Our lifeguard, Tara, was very busy this week and had no shortage of fun water games to help everyone make the most out of the heat.


Cottagers cooling off on a hot day!

The host family sure got creative this week – we made lots of fun crafts. On Tuesday we painted wood figurines, Wednesday we painted watering cans, Thursday we made puppets and Friday we made bracelets. In Chapel, Sophia introduced us to a few new interactive songs. We learned what ‘temptation’ was as well as we made our own Arks to see who’s Ark could hold the most animals. This week we continued with our word of the day and were happy to see cottagers using these words. Our favourite word this week was “Gee Gee” (fastest horse out of the gate). This word definitely came in handy during our pony rides! The kids really enjoyed Little Ray’s Reptiles and they even brought a lizard with no legs.

The farm animals have had a fun week as well. Hoggle, the pig, and Victor, the duck, got new roommates – the baby chicks! The sheep, Brown Sugar & Pepper have settled in nicely to the farm and there have been no more great escapes. They certainly are full of life and love to “Baa” hello when they see you.

Hoggle the pig!

Hoggle the pig!

We are sad to see the week come to an end but are happy that so much fun was hard and memories were made. We hope the cottagers enjoyed the week as much as we did and that they will come back and visit at our open houses. We hope to see you all out at the open houses as well. They are every Saturday starting at 1pm and we offer swimming, wagon rides and a potluck.

See you next week!

– S

Week One

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After a busy week of cleaning, we were finally ready for some fun with the cottagers. This week we introduced ‘Word of the Day’ and the favourite word this week was “whurtles” (wild blueberries). The host family has made plenty of baked goods; fresh muffins after Chapel, cupcake decorating and cookies. They also planned hat decorating as well as an awesome pancake lunch. Our feature picture this week include the farm family dad scraping dirt off the basement floor with a bbq brush before installing a new dryer.

blog postt

Look at him go! The glow stick really completes the outfit!

This summer we are having pony rides every week as well as weekly visits from Ray’s Reptiles. We are so excited to meet all these animals! Speaking of animals, the farm has added two hilarious sheep to the family; Pepper & Brown Sugar. These sheep have already escaped twice, so keep an eye out for them. Some of our chickens are proud mamma’s to new baby chicks this spring. Hoggle the pig and Victor the duck have only become closer friends since winter, you can catch them doing everything together.

We couldn’t have asked for a better week to start the summer off. We can’t wait to see all the cottagers and all the wild memories that will be created at Waupoos this summer.

Every Saturday is open house. We offer swimming, wagon rides and a pot luck. So bring yourself, bathing suit, food and fun. We hope to see you there. 🙂

See you next week!

– S & S


He Is Risen!

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Happy Easter! We had a great weekend here at the farm.

Cottagers arrived on Thursday evening. After orientation, we spent over an hour with the Lord in Eucharistic Adoration, to commemorate the beginning of his Passion.

On Good Friday, we were joined by many visitors in praying the Stations of the Cross. Normally this is done outside, but because of the icy conditions, we made our way of the cross in the chapel this year. As is customary, the kids depicted the events of each station. After the stations, we shared a light meal of soup and bread with our visitors. Friday afternoon we boiled down more maple sap, which had been filling the buckets we put out during March Break.


Holy Saturday is a day of traditions at Waupoos. In the morning we paint Ukrainian Easter eggs under the guidance of the Huzscz family. They bring all the equipment and dies and show us how to make beautiful painted creations.


In the afternoon, Dan Kelly leads the group in pretzel-making. This year’s pretzels were especially tasty!


On Saturday evening we have a Candlelight Vigil. We gather outside around a small fire, from which we light our Paschal candle. From there we process into a darkened lodge, where we each light a taper from the Paschal candle. Dan leads the group in prayer, and when the time comes to proclaim Christ’s resurrection, we turn on all the lights and make lots of noise with bells and shakers. The kids love this part! Then we all listen while Matias sings the Exultet, the story of our salvation. After the Exultet, we perform skits based on Old Testament stories. This year Brendan entertained us with a particularly hilarious rendition of the story of Samson!


On Sunday morning, the farm residents and some volunteers prepared Easter lunch while the kids waited expectantly for their Easter egg hunt. When the time came to open the lodge doors, all the kids came rushing in to begin the hunt. The eggs were quickly collected and devoured! After the hunt, we celebrated Easter Mass together. Fr. Maxime Allard of the Dominicans presided for us again this year. Following Mass we enjoyed our Easter brunch and soaked in the spring sunshine.


On Monday morning we shared highlights of the weekend and said our goodbyes. We’re grateful for another happy Easter at Waupoos!

March Break

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Some of the highlights of our March Break session last week:

Wednesday morning we set out on a hunt for maple sap. We tapped four trees and hoped for a good yield!


On Wednesday afternoon we broke out the paint and brushes and let our creative juices flow!


Thursday afternoon we welcomed the Holmes family who made delicious Rabbit Ears – the Waupoos version of Beaver Tails. They were a huge hit!


Thursday evening we played Bingo. The winners collected some great St. Patrick’s Day prizes!

Friday morning was spent decorating cupcakes. In the afternoon we played ball hockey and collected the sap that had filled our buckets since Wednesday. We boiled it down and shared some delicious maple syrup. That night we had our first bonfire of 2016.


Saturday’s open house brought many visitors, one of which was Merrilegs the Pony! The kids were very excited to go for a ride!


Since March break and Easter are back to back this year, we had the opportunity to celebrate a Palm Sunday Vigil Mass at the farm. Fr. Bill at Our Lady of the Visitation generously offered us some palms, and Fr. Carl, an Oblate priest and long-time friend of Waupoos, celebrated Mass for us. The potluck that night was especially good: some of our cottagers prepared dishes from their native countries, which made for a diverse and delicious spread!

The Dowling family did a fantastic job hosting the March break session. They will be moving to the farm soon, as the newest resident family. We are delighted to welcome them into the Waupoos community!