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Summer 2018: Week 8

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I can hardly believe that our last week at Waupoos is coming to a close. Time flies when you are having fun, and the last eight weeks have done just that!

For our last week of summer vacations, we had an amazing new host family, who brought loads of creativity and energy to the farm. Every morning the day was started off with Chapel Time, in which we learned about all of the different covenants between God and His children. From day one of creation to the present day, it is pretty clear that our God loves us very very much!

From Madlibs and pizza making, to craft and pool time, there was no shortage of fun activities for the kids to participate in this week. On Thursday, we held our last Amazing Race of the summer, which had all of the kids engaged.








We are all a little sad that the summer has ended, and we will all be going our separate ways. There is no denying how blessed we have been to have had such an incredible summer, to have been part of such an amazing initiative, and to have met such inspirational people. Only time will tell what adventures await us all in the year to come!

We hope to see you for our final Open House this Saturday at 1 pm for a wagon ride, potluck dinner, and Mass.


Summer 2018: Week 7

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Our second last week at Waupoos farm was a joy to be a part of. We had lovely hosts who did an amazing job engaging all of the cottagers and making sure that everyone was having fun. Through a series of painting workshops, the children were able to paint beautiful icons of the angel Raphael, who is found in both the Christian and Islam tradition. This week, we also tried out a new pool game for the first time: Water Bingo! The kids loved it, and with their bouncy-ball prizes they were able to continue the fun into the afternoon.


Overall, week seven was a beautiful week full of fun, laughter, and new friends! As always, we invite you to join in the fun at our Open House’s on Saturdays at 1 pm!

Summer 2018: Week 6

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Week six has stood out from other weeks in a very heart-warming way. Since the very first day of the vacation, the cottagers have formed strong friendships with each other.

When we look outside, we see kids from all of the different cottages playing together. The older ones have taken some of the younger ones under their wing, and nobody ever seems to be left out of the fun. Of course, it is not just the children that are bonding but the parents as well, with families even going so far as to invite other cottages over for dinner at night!

It hardly feels like we have to organize activities because everyone is genuinely just enjoying being in each other’s presence.

Our amazing hosts have definitely added to the blessings of this week, with fun crafts and games, as well as calming and inspiring Chapel Time discussions that touched the hearts of everyone present.

Overall, this week has so beautifully showcased the importance of community and how little gestures of friendliness and hospitality can go a long way.


If you would like to be a part of this unique week at Waupoos, please join us for our Open House, Saturday, August 11th at 1 pm.

Summer 2018: Week 5

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Week 5 at Waupoos was a blast!


Our amazing host family started every morning off with a fun and interactive Chapel Time, followed by yummy snacks. Swimming lessons were enjoyed by everyone, even some of the youngest residents and cottagers. One of our cottagers was proud to tell me that she learned to swim in the deep end without a life-jacket






Our afternoons were filled with creative games and crafts that kept everyone busy. On Thursday, all of the kids went for a nature walk to collect materials to make their very own “Fairy Gardens”. It was a great chance for them to explore Waupoos’ property a little more. Then, of course, there were the old favourites, like Little Ray’s Nature Center, and storytime, as well as lots of pool time! It was a week to remember, and we hope our final three weeks will be just as special!for the first time (shout-out to Emily, our awesome lifeguard)!


Please join us for our weekly Open Houses, on Saturdays at 1 pm!

We hope to see you soon!

Summer 2018: Week 4

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We can hardly believe that the summer season is halfway over! For the first time all summer, we had a week full of rain (but that didn’t stop anyone from having fun!).

Our wonderful host decided that this week would be themed “Christmas in July”! With Christmas themed chapel, Christmas cookies at snack, and Christmas crafts and activities throughout the day, Waupoos was filled with holiday cheer. On Wednesday, we held a Christmas party in the lodge, featuring cupcake decorating, Christmas carolling, many Christmas crafts, and even a creative new way of reading “Twas the Night Before Christmas”.



Thursday has finally brought us some sunshine (which we prayed most ardently for in chapel), so we will be taking full advantage by organizing some outdoor games for the kids!



As always, we hope to see you this Saturday at 1 pm, for our weekly Open House, where you can expect a wagon ride, Mass, a potluck and a whole lot of good cheer!

Summer 2018: Week 2

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Week 2 at Waupoos is coming to a close, and this week could not have been more fun! We started each morning with a prayer in the chapel, followed by delicious snacks prepared by our lovely host. The beautiful weather meant that everybody spent most of their time in the pool, being kept busy with swimming lessons and water games!










With a lot of things in our garden ready to be harvested, the kids took it upon themselves to lend a helping hand! We had lots of fun picking beans, peas, and raspberries before the sun got too hot.


One of the highlights for the kids was Little Ray’s Nature Center, who brought some of their animals over for a visit. The big python at the end was the unanimous favourite!


Overall, Week 2 was certainly a memorable one! We hope you will be able to join us for our Open House, Saturday, July 14th at 1 pm. You can look forward to Mass, a wagon ride, and a potluck!


Summer 2018: Week One!

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Our first week at Waupoos has seen record-breaking temperatures, but that has not stopped anyone from having fun! With plenty of water games, some pool time, and some winter-themed crafts, everyone has been able to keep cool. Story Time was also a favourite, especially sitting in front of the fans!


Today the kids are keeping busy with Little Ray’s Reptiles, and are getting their acts ready for the Talent Show.

Overall it has been an amazing week filled with amazing graces and smiling faces! What a great start to the summer!




We hope to see you for our Open House, this Saturday, July 7th, at 1 pm!

Summer 2017 Week # 8

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We are now ending our final week of the summer session at Waupoos, and though we’re a little sad to be finished, this week has been an amazing end to the summer!

We were lucky to have our awesome hosts, Lori and Kim, back for week eight! As usual, cottagers had lots of fun activities and crafts to keep them busy. We had excellent cottager participation which added even more energy to our incredible activities. Throughout the week, we enjoyed pancake breakfasts, a hotdog lunch as well as delicious cupcakes! Our cottagers also tested their crafting skills with bracelet making and painting! Chapel time was kept exciting with Chapel Cranium, Saint Jeopardy and a Prayer Chain with over 90 intentions! The kid’s favourites, Amazing Race and Story time, continued to be a hit!



The talent show was full of excitement this week, with awesome participation from both cottagers and residents. All four staff members also decided to stick around for the last talent show of the summer, and we even put in a few acts of our own! The resident girls took great pleasure in acting as our arms to make and feed us peanut butter sandwiches (most of which didn’t quite make it to our mouths).


Overall, the week has been so much fun, and a great way to end off our summer here. We want to thank all of those that have been involved at Waupoos for helping to make this summer amazing: The cottagers who are unique, inspirational, and always ready to have fun, the farm families who put so much work into keeping Waupoos up and running, and of course all of the children whom we have grown VERY fond of over the last eight weeks.

The excitement of the summer is not over yet, and we hope you will join us for our last Open House, this Saturday August 26th at 1pm!


Summer 2017 Week # 7

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It seems that summer has gone by in the blink of an eye as we finish up our seventh week here at Waupoos!

Our amazing host family this week brought some fun and creative ideas that always kept the kids excited for the next activity. On Tuesday we endured the rain by playing the kids’ favourite Madlibs, settling in for storytime, and finishing off with a few mystery games. On Wednesday, everyone was invited to a birthday party… where it was everyone’s birthday! The party-goers enjoyed fun party games, cupcakes, loot-bags, and lots of popcorn! There was more fun to be had on Thursday with Bingo, parachute games, and painting. Tomorrow the kids are looking forward to creating their very own volcano!
20952306_1992348184319861_1893416658_o20930546_1992350080986338_580765325_oOverall, this week was filled with fun because of our energetic host family and their amazing ideas. We can’t believe that next week is our last week of the summer, but have high hopes that it will be a week to remember!

Please join us for one of our last Open Houses, this Saturday, August 19th at 1 pm. There will be swimming, wagon rides, games, and a potluck. Hope to see you there!



Summer 2017 Week # 6

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We are just coming to the end of another wonderful week at Waupoos, filled with fun, sun, and smiling children! This week we were lucky to have an amazing host family, who were constantly planning fun activities for the kids.

Some highlights of the week included sports like soccer and ultimate frisbee, a delicious pancake lunch, crafts, and even a carnival day on Friday where the kids got to play all sorts of games to win tickets, which they later traded in for prizes. Meet the Animals was a big hit as usual, as was Storytime with our two wonderful library volunteers. The staff also organized a few water activities, like a slip and slide and a water obstacle course, to keep the kids cooled off. 20806680_1989721217915891_318655118_o20839691_1989721147915898_1741893070_o20793892_1989721164582563_1672528341_o

Overall it was an amazing week, and we are all sad to see it end (but looking forward to what the final 2 weeks of summer will bring!). We hope to see you all at our Open House, this Saturday August 12th at 1 pm, for swimming, wagon rides, and our weekly potluck!